SQL-Developer: Create External Tool dialog – Macros (“variables”)

You can use the folloeing commands in “Arguments” and “Run Directory” sections of the “Create External Tool” dialog:

Macro Meaning
${sqldev.conn} DB Connection String
${sqldev.dbuser} DB UserName
${env:var=} Environment Variable
${file.dir} File Directory
${file.ext} File Extension
${file.name} File Name
${file.name.no.ext} File Name Without Extension
${file.path} File Path
${file.url} File URL
${ide.name} IDE Application Name
${ide.classpath} IDE Classpath
${ide.dir} IDE Install Directory
${ide.oracle.dir} IDE Oracle Home Directory
${ide.user.dir} IDE User Directory
${prompt} Prompt
${promptl:=} Prompt with Label
${prop:name=} System Property